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How to Apply

Begin Advising

Do you need help finding the program that is right for you?  We offer program advising to all students.  Click here to start the process!

Search Programs

To find out more about travel programs led by COF faculty, visit:

To find out more about opportunities beyond programs provided by COF schools, visit:

Start an Application

If you have already selected a specific program and wish to begin an application, then click the "Begin Application" button from the program brochure page.  If you do not find the program in the directory, you can still begin an application by clicking HERE.  (Note - if you have previously begun an application and wish to continue filling it out, then press on the link titled "LOGIN / RETURN TO APPLICATION" located above.)

Third-Party Programs

If you are applying to a program offered by an organization or institution other than the six Colleges of the Fenway, you will need to submit both a  Colleges of the Fenway (COF) application and an application to the provider. These two applications run parallel to each other.  When you click the 'Begin Application' button for the program, you will receive instructions to complete both application forms.

Please complete all necessary forms so that you can move forward in your application process and be that much closer to going abroad!