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Upon Return

Have you recently returned to campus? 

We would love to hear about what you have been doing since you returned to Boston.  We invite you to log into our site to update your contact and additional information, thereby joining the hundreds of others who volunteer to serve as a contact for students interested in applying for the same program. 

Prospective participants would be very grateful, not only for your first-hand experience and knowledge of the program they wish to attend, but also to see the many ways that our alumni have used their experience(s) off campus to shape their lives today!            

If you have participated in a COF travel program, but cannot log into our site because you have already graduated, please email our office at


Get Involved -- participate in international activities on campus.

Come to our events to keep your international experiences alive. These include re-entry events, jobs and career workshops, volunteering at pre-departure orientations for the next group of students and other internationally-related events around the COF. Check out our calendar for more events!

Provide Feedback -- complete your program's evaluation.

Almost all travel programs provide a formal means to provide feedback to the program's sponsor or organizer.  Be sure to complete this evaluation as instructed.  If your program does not offer a formal feedback process, be sure to get in touch with the sponsors or organizers informally - they always appreciate hearing how your experience went, in order to learn more about the positive aspects as well as the negative.


Share Your Experience -- submit reflections about your travel program.
The GEO Center invites you to share your story in two different ways!  Feel free to participate in one or both:
1)  "Tell Us Where You've Been!" testimonial - by simply logging into your online study abroad account, you will find an opportunity for reflection that can be shared with other students who are thinking about traveling. Your story could inspire students to seek an experience like yours.
2) "Travel Experience Wrap Up" questionnaire - this is a brief informational survey found on your Application Home Page, where you went before you departed to complete the other questionnaires in preparation for your travel program.  We invite you to complete this survey to the best of your ability, as the information you provide will be very useful to future student travelers.